Soon, emergency alerts could be sent out through streaming services including Netflix and Spotify — and maybe it’s about time.

When urgent news comes in of a flash flood, tsunami, missile threat, etc., probably the last place you’d want to be is binge watching your favorite TV show.

Senators in Hawaii and South Dakota believe streaming services should be prepped to administer such broadcast warnings in case of emergency. The current fear is that anyone not tuned into cable or without a phone nearby might be left in the dark about some serious world events.

According to TechCrunch, a new bill known as the “Reliable Emergency Alert Distribution Improvement,” or READI act, seeks to update the aging alert system. But after the very public false alarm in Hawaii, it needs to be done right.

Other things the bill touches on, via TechCrunchinclude bettering the overall alarm system and preventing false alarms in the future. Plus, correcting errors efficiently when they do happen.

Another thing to consider is that many phone users have their federal alerts disabled. Should there be an opt out option or should emergency alerts be a requirement? Thoughts?


Source: TechCrunch | Image via TechCrunch