The Chainsmokers may have released their new EP Sick Boy in April, but they’re not done yet. They’ve begun teasing a new single titled “Side Effects.”

The duo announced the new single with the full single art. The art includes a two-headed tiger and some roses strewn about, which is pretty on-brand for the duo. (Though, they have gotten some blow back from Twenty One Pilots fans mad about the use of the color yellow. Seriously.) The single will feature Emily Warren, a vocalist whom Chainsmokers fans might just know. Warren featured on a 2015 track from the duo and Tritonal called “Until You Were Gone,” which released before the huge singles like “Closer” the following year, and has co-written a number of their songs since.

“Side Effects” releases this Friday, July 27. It remains to be seen if the single is a standalone release or apart of a greater release, but we’ll keep you updated.

Check out the “Side Effects” announcement below:


Posted by The Chainsmokers on Monday, July 23, 2018


Cover Photo: Rukes