A tweet from Dua Lipa yesterday sparked a conversation she probably never expected when she claimed she was the “first ever international female artist” to play Tomorrowland. The statement effectively erased the contributions of previous and current females who have played or are set to play Tomorrowland, including both Rezz and Alison Wonderland, the latter of whom just played on the festival’s main stage.

In all likelihood, this was a mistake from her social media manager; but at the end of the day, her Twitter represents herself, and it was a huge faux pas. The tweet has since been deleted, but not before plenty of people got their eyes on it.

In the interest of transparency,┬áher Instagram post for Tomorrowland has a different caption, saying “singer” rather than “artist,” which is actually true. It’s entirely possible that her Instagram post originally had the same caption, but Instagram doesn’t let you view edit history, or even tell if an edit was made. Twitter does not let you edit posts, which is likely why the tweet was eventually deleted.

Dua Lipa has still not made any statement or comment on the matter.