Deadmau5 is getting even heavier into the gaming world lately, as if that’s even possible, with the advent of his own gaming center to be called mau5ville. In doing so, many of his interactions over the past few months have been with pro-gamers and gaming enthusiasts, like Getter and now shroud.

Shroud is a Canadian former professional eSports player and video game streamer known for playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the latter of which is an interest he shares with deadmau5.

Not every coffee run is a winner, but we’d say this one doesn’t even make the podium. Even in spite of the slow conversation, there are some serious audio qualities in the video that mau5 apologizes for: “sorry for the potato audio… loud car + not good mic = mess. cleaned it up as best i could. enjoy!”

If you’re a fan of Shroud’s, though, you might just learn something! Check it out below.