Salvatore Ganacci’s hilarious antics at Tomorrowland this year have become a viral sensation as videos across Facebook have been viewed millions of times already. However, not everyone appreciates the break from the serious. Many have expressed legitimate frustration or rage at Ganacci’s antics, claiming that this is what people will think of EDM from now on.

But no person or publication has expressed as much rage as VICE, who published a new articled with the headline, “Please Enjoy This Absolute Shitshow of a DJ Set at Tomorrowland.” The article, which only has Noisey Staff as a byline, criticizes the performance for Ganacci’s devil may care attitude, and goes on to call Tomorrowland “one of the worst festivals in the world.” It’s obviously not.

VICE’s article is clearly either a shabby attempt to trigger Tomorrowland fans, or just a short-sighted and blind criticism. Salvatore Ganacci isn’t hurting anyone, and he’s certainly not representative of all dance music.

If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, watch below.


Posted by Your EDM on Sunday, July 22, 2018