Synymata, the masked DJ/producer out of Milwaukee returns with his latest remix of Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s ‘Dreamer’. Synymata is one of those producers with a standout image and sound demonstrated perfectly in his emotion balancing and innovative mask. Designed and fabricated by himself, by day he is a Mechanical Engineer. He incorporates his love for design & engineering into his brand; eight months were spent prototyping and iterating on designs to optimize weight, magnetic strength, and illumination gradient.

The concept behind the mask stems from a duality between the two sounds expressed in the signature Synymata sound. The orange face of the mask represents the melodic & upflifting energy behind Synymata. The pink face represents the dark & heavy elements.  

This remix hits you hard with its throbbing and edgy bass mixed effortlessly with the support melodic structure of the song. While the screaming and driving melody lines increases in energy throughout the track. This latest remix stood out to us with its duality in both executing areas of softer, melodic emotion and climaxing, bass-kicking energy. Enjoy!