Zedd has become famous for hits like “Clarity” and “The Middle.” Younger folks may associate those song titles with Zedd, but older folks may think of another band: Jimmy Eat World. Turns out Zedd and Jimmy Eat World have some similar song titles.

Fans noticed the connection between Zedd and Jimmy Eat World and tweeted to the band for their thoughts. Jimmy Eat World’s Twitter account responded with a brief tweet: “Dude needs some help with titles.”

Some may take that comment in offense, but it reads as a light jab to us. Zedd then responded to Jimmy Eat World’s tweet, playfully saying “It’s all part of a bigger plan” and posting the X-Files theme song.

Maybe this back-and-forth will result in some kind of Zedd and Jimmy Eat World collab. Stranger things have happened, after all.


Cover Photo: Rukes