Bingo Players are back with a brand new track and accompanying music video, both perfect for your summer pool party. “Love Me Right” is a smooth vocal house jam; fresh off the heels of Bingo Players’ latest track “Everybody” with Goshfather, this is yet another super upbeat, disco infused, house track. Once the drop kicks in, you’re transported back to the 90’s, and can almost visualize the pastel spandex as the synths and percussion meld perfectly with a warm, high pitched vocal topline.

Speaking of the ’90s, that’s exactly what the video hearkens back to. Three lovely ladies are having a blast at their pool party, sipping some cocktails and striking some very Night at the Roxbury-esque dance moves. Two of them are sporting those vintage ’90s one-piece bathing suits. The girl in white appears to be listening to music on a vintage Sony Walkman, a portable cassette player. Instead of ear buds back then, there were headphones with puffy ear pads. The groove is infectious, and the video is just as carefree as the melody.

Here’s what Maarten of Bingo Players had to say about his latest offering.

“The release of ‘Love Me Right’ is really exciting to me as I feel it incorporates the classic Bingo Players sound. The record hearkens back to cuts like ‘Cry (Just A Little)’ but with a fresh summer 2018 twist to it. I’m looking forward to fans thoughts on this one!!”

Check out the video for Bingo Players “Love Me Right,” out now on Spinnin’ Records, below.