Emmit Fenn has consistently proven himself to be one of our favorite new producers, and with each new project it becomes harder and harder to ever argue against it. Judging by his newest release with Vic Mensa, we haven’t even seen the peak of Emmit’s creativity yet.

“Pouring Rain” is actually the start of a new hip hop project from Fenn called The Grey Area, according to the press release. It’s described as a “canvas for others to tell their stories,” and what a story to begin with. Mensa and Fenn tell a heartbreaking story that is only accentuated by the accompanying music video.

Earlier this month, Mensa penned an op-ed on Rolling Stone in defense of gun control as a gun owner. That sentiment carries over into the meaning behind “Pouring Rain,” which tells a bleak and tragic story. The lyricism and writing is reminiscent of early Lupe Fiasco or Kanye West, with emotional production, a truly incredible combination.

Listen to “Pouring Rain” from Emmit Fenn, featuring Vic Mensa, below.