Rezz had to speak up recently after some petty name calling went on via social media. She shut the haters down properly (per usual), but there’s still a conversation to be had. No matter your musical taste or knowledge or preferences, this is important.

Apparently there are some people out there who find Rezz fans to be “uneducated” or “stupid” — and even go as far to criticize them based on their fluency, or alleged lack thereof, when it comes to mid-tempo music and the associated acts. And, that’s really not cool. While we don’t want to give any undeserved attention to said meanies, we do want to shed light on the problem here.

Hypothetical, but very realistic scenario:

*Gesaffelstein comes on*

Rezz fan: “Love this song! It sounds like Rezz!”

Mean human: “Well it’s not, stupid.” [INSERT MORE INSULTS HERE]

There are just so many things wrong with these types of conversations going on…

For starters, the fact that Rezz has to assert herself in the first place, because some people in the community simply can’t play well with others. If she didn’t have to deal with this sort of negativity, think of all the more time and energy she could be putting into music!

Moving right along, think back to when you first got into the scene and who you were listening to. For me, it was deadmau5 and Skrillex. Did my appreciation for those two artists automatically make me an expert on EDM? Hell no. Did I think Skrillex was the only dubstep artist out there? Pretty much, yeah. Was deadmau5 the first producer to make progressive house? I had no idea! Point is, none of us started out knowing everything nor will we ever.

Finally, it’s just plain silly to put someone down who loves the music and is showing appreciation for their favorite artist. These “uneducated” and “stupid” remarks need to stop. We should be uplifting and celebrating each other’s thoughts and opinions on music, not shutting them down.

Now here’s how that conversation should have gone:

*Gesaffelstein comes on*

Rezz fan: “Love this song! It sounds like Rezz!”

Nice human: “This is Gesaffelstein! I’ve been listening to him for years and think he’s amazing. You’d probably like his stuff, too.”

See the exchange below and let’s all be better about this.

“It Sounds Like Rezz”


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