Skrillex is set to play Fuji Rock Festival in Japan this Saturday, along with N.E.R.D., Kendrick Lamar, and Bob Dylan, but it’s this recent teaser video he shared on Instagram that caught our attention. From the sound of it, there’s a new Skrillex ID playing and it sounds oh so juicy.

The biggest giveaway that it’s a Skrillex production (other than it being posted on Skrillex’s Instagram) are those telltale vocal chops – classic Skrillex sound right there. It’s a sort of trappy, melodic sound that we’re really digging. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s new Skrillex, and that’s really all we need to get hype at this point.

Check it out below – and if you’re at Fiji Rock, let us know if you hear any new music!