Aphex Twin is definitely up to something and we’re just dying to know what.

There are no cryptic social media posts or cheesy promo videos here. In true Aphex Twin fashion, his new teaser comes in the form of these artistic prints photographed below, specially designed to mimic their surroundings in which they’ve appeared in London and Turin.

These 3D visuals are so on point, they might fool you for a second. But no, Aphex Twin didn’t carve his logo into these urban streets or underground. He is, however, giving us a sure sign that something huge is on the horizon.

Other than putting out his 2017 single “korg funk 5,” the elusive producer has remained astonishingly silent. Before that, his Cheetah EP released in 2016. His fans are hoping this means more on the way.

It’s not uncommon for Aphex Twin to go years without doing the typical things you’d expect of an artist of his stature. For example, he went 17 years without dropping a music video before hitting us with “CIRKLON3.” There was also an eight year stretch he went without a single US tour date.

Still, his music continues to make waves in the ambient techno realm and helps define intelligent dance music. We can’t wait to hear more to come.

Aphex Twin Artwork