While going back and listening again to ILLENIUM’s latest single, “Take You Down” (as we enjoy doing), we noticed that the song wasn’t released under his usual Seeking Blue label, but rather with Astralwerks/Capitol Records.

After reaching out to ILLENIUM’s management, we were told that the artist has parted ways with Seeking Blue, on good terms they made sure to specify, and has signed an exclusive label deal with Astralwerks. The label deal comes at the same time that ILLENIUM’s discography passes the one billion stream total, making his separation from Seeking Blue on a good note.

No doubt this new deal will give ILLENIUM the kind of leverage and push needed to make it to the next level of his career. ILLENIUM has been with Seeking Blue, the label for Mr Suicide Sheep, for as long as we can remember, which has been instrumental in pushing his sound out to the world.

Astralwerks has represented and currently represents a number of artists including The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Kraftwerk, deadmau5, Mat Zo, Porter Robinson, Empire of the Sun, Nervo, Mop, Scratte, and Halsey.

Listen to ILLENIUM’s first single via Astralwerks, “Take You Down,” below.