Aside from two 1788-L songs, Zeds Dead also debuted a few of their own IDs at Red Rocks this past July. Welcoming Tzar on stage at the end of their set on the first night, Zeds Dead played out “We Could Be Kings” with DNMO. Now, that song is finally out and we can hear it in all its high def glory.

“We Could Be Kings” falls more in line with Northern Lights than some of their more recent, harder singles. The melody is soft and serene and the drop is powerful, but not harsh. The bass feels warm and enticing, like a portal to another dimension that ends up at a beach on a day with perfect weather.

Tzar’s voice melts effortlessly atop the production, a processing technique that Zeds Dead have perfected over the years and years that they’ve been putting out top notch tracks.

Check it out below!


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