The past year has been insane for Skellism. The LA-based, Mexican-American duo dropped “In The Pit” with Lil Jon in June 2017 and have been riding that wave since, touring and getting in as much experience as possible before finally following it up. Because with a track like “In The Pit” from a still-rising track, whatever they put out next had to be just as good, if not better.

Skellism returns now with “BEASTMODE,” a hard trap banger that trades in the vocal recognition factor of “In The Pit” for a more intense bass experience. The production on “In The Pit” was good for the time, but it was truly Lil Jon’s vocals that sent it over the top. With “BEASTMODE,” Skellism takes all of the energy from Lil Jon’s vocals and implants it into their own production, creating a wild track that screams and shouts at the top of its lungs… just instead of doing it with a voice, it does it with bass.

It’s been 15 months since Skellism last dropped a new track, but you can likely expect a lot more new music to come out from here on. Check out “BEASTMODE” below.