Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero, two of the biggest names in dance music, have teamed up again. This time along with Kiiara for a massive new collaboration, “Be Somebody.” If you were expecting a festival banger from these two though, you’re actually in for a very pleasant surprise. Fresh off the heels of their remix swap, this track is a much more vibey and poppy tune, that’s a perfect jam for the end of summer.

The track opens up with some light synths and Kiiara’s chopped vocals rising in the background. The verse starts as some muted guitar chords and snaps play in the background. Kiiara’s vocals sound pristine on the track and her presence truly takes the emotion of the song to the next level.

Kiiara asserts her independence and self-worth on the chorus, as the tempo of the track pauses. From there, the drop hits and it’s just pure euphoria, as horns and synths bounce around and demand you to sway your shoulders. Whether played out at the festival, or just chilling poolside, “Be Somebody” is the perfect track to listen to as the sun sets on the summer season.

I don’t need you, ‘cause I got me
I don’t need you, for me to be somebody
Let me move, let me breathe
I don’t need you, for me to be somebody
To be somebody

Check out Steve Aoki & Nicky Romero’s “Be Somebody” featuring Kiiara out now on Sony Records.

The official video is out now too!