Nicolas Haelg has always been one of my all time favourite deep and chill house producers since his infectious hits such as ‘My Lady’ and ‘Calling Your Name’. Sam Halabi on my radar too since catching my attention with his feel-good, piano house driven remix of Aretha Franklin’s track, ‘A Deeper Love’. Well these two powerhouses in deep and chill house have finally joined forces on this stunning yet super chill jam, ‘Simple Love’.

The track draws you in the smooth guitar plucks and alluring vocals of Adon, climaxing with a catchy melodic chorus and a punchy deep house drop. I specifically love the post chorus guitar rifts which maintain Haelg and Halabi’s soulful flavour to every original and remix they take on. Excited to hear more groundbreaking tracks from independent Chill Your Mind Records this year which to match this smash. Enjoy!