Dillon Francis is always a good time and with every interview we learn something new. Just recently, he stopped by the Zach Sang Show to talk his forthcoming, all-Spanish album Wut Wut and more.

From the real story behind moombahton, to getting sampled by Nicki Minaj, to his love for Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie — there’s a lot of good stuff packed in this over hour-long podcast. Even the randomness, like talking about his best piñata friend Gerald and revealing his favorite curse word keeps us fully engaged.

Most notably, Dillon opens up about the concept behind Wut Wut and explains why he decided to produce an entirely Spanish album. What (or should we say wut) inspired the album’s title, its collaborators, the naughtiest track on the record, and the overall focus of his cultural project — it’s all covered here.

Wut Wut is due out September 29, so get ready! In the meantime, watch this.

Dillon Francis on the Zach Sang Show

Photo via Rukes.com