Awesome news for SoundCloud users! Discovering music is now easier than ever with your very own, personalized SoundCloud Weekly playlist.

Updated every Monday, an algorithm will automatically spit out a full playlist worth of music you’re probably into. Based on music you’ve already listened to, liked, reposted, and/or shared, SoundCloud will now make these intelligent recommendations for you weekly.

“We know many of you love the thrill of the hunt – going down a musical rabbit hole and uncovering new tracks and artists to love,” SoundCloud says in a press release. “But sometimes, you may want great music delivered to you auto-magically with no searching required.”

Yeah, that sounds nice.

The masterminds behind the music streaming service have finally, and blatantly, taken a move out of Spotify’s playbook. If SoundCloud Weekly sounds a lot like Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature, well that’s because it is. Really, it’s about time.

My SoundCloud Weekly is packed full of choice tracks from BIJOU, Wuki, Born Dirty, and more featuring labels like Confession and Noir Sur Blanc. What’s on yours?

To access: >> Discover >> SoundCloud Weekly

Introducing SoundCloud Weekly


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