Rezz’s collaborations have always bore the sweetest fruit – just look at her latest album and tracks like “H E X” with 1788-L or “Toxin” with Fytch. But now, she’s preparing for the biggest collaboration of her career and we have a sneaking feeling that fans aren’t ready.

Rezz announced a little over an hour ago: “I’m gonna collab on a track w bassnectar.”

That alone sent fans into a frenzy.

But it also got her fans questioning if Bassnectar fans would be okay with it. Remember last year when a small group of Bassnectar fans were mad at Rezz for playing one of his tunes? (How dare she!) Yeah, that actually happened.

The tweet drew a response from Bassnectar, and it’s likely from there that ideas of a collaboration sprouted.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, we’re excited as hell for this to come out and we can’t wait. Maybe if you’re lucky you might hear it toward the end of her tour. Stay tune for more info.


Photo via Prolo Photo