In a surprising yet timely leak, Apple has seemingly confirmed iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR as its latest smartphone devices. The info exposed just hours before the official Apple Event unveiling today.

The iPhone details are buried in an XML file on Apple’s website, hinting at huge followups to the flagship iPhone X. The telling XML file also refers to the first Apple Watch redesign in years as Series 4, featuring wider bands (40mm and 44mm) in a variety of colors.

It’s uncommon for Apple to leak information like this, but it seems like it’s all part of the grand plan. Tune in to learn all there is to know about the new iPhone line and Apple Watch series.

Watch the livestream directly from Apple’s website via iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch with Safari on iOS 10 or later. Get cozy, because it sounds like there’s a lot to get through!

Apple Special Event start time: 10AM PDT / 1PM EST


Source: The Verge | Watch: Apple Event