Sometimes good things come in small packages. Like this remix EP for example. Autograf just unleashed a four-pack of stunning new remixes featuring Flyboy, LEFTIPontifexx and Kilian & Jo.

“Gravity” and “Dead Soon” lay the foundation as these four producers let their imaginations run wild. Flyboy gracefully chills out “Gravity.” LEFTI gets groovy with it. Pontifexx transforms “Dead Soon” into a straight up dance anthem. And, Kilian & Jo turn down the tempo and turn up the flavor on it!

There’s a little bit of everything here. An assortment of genres are finely represented, from reggae-inspired rhythms to house-driven beats. Surprisingly enough, with this melting pot of styles, the flow from track-to-track still never skips a beat.

Listen as “Gravity” and “Dead Soon” are completely transformed x 2!

Autograf – Gravity/Dead Soon Remixes


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