Illusionize is known for crafting some deep and hard hitting house tunes that have shook dance floors all around the world. The young artist is incredibly talented and continues to accomplish nothing but great things. His latest venture is a collaboration with vocalist Alex Joseph for their brand new single, “We Go Together”, signed to Armada, that can’t help but whisky you away the minute you press play.

The two are a great team, as Joseph’s vocals carry perfectly on top of a melodic, driving beat. Overall, the track has the exceptional musical quality of Illusionize that has taken care to maintain its sonorous personality.

This track has been on my computer for over 2 years now. I had that bass of it on audio but raw. I made it into midi, changed several notes, used Sylenth to make the timbre and some plugins in the mixer channel. The final result was a bigger ‘punch’ in the bass.

Stream “We Go Together” below!