As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, the modern bass music scene is incredibly saturated. With so many recent advancements in music technology, it is easier than ever for aspiring producers to sound just like their favorite trendsetters. While there is certainly no issue with an artist adapting to better fit current trends, many artists completely miss out on having any compelling flair or personality in the process.

Sam Norris (pka Teminite) is one particular producer in the bass music world that has managed to impress time and time again by sticking to – yet, still evolving – his signature sound. The UK brostep producer has caught some well-deserved attention for combining his harsh squeals and roaring basses with strong, refreshing melody lines.

Though Teminite’s forthcoming sophomore album Uprising sees Norris expanding into jazz and funk throughout its running length, melody-centric dubstep still undoubtedly plays a crucial role on the LP.

One of the tracks from Uprising that really scratches that itch is the sole collaboration with Said, “Make Me.” While it marks one of the heavier-leaning moments on the album, “Make Me” still manages to work in several ear-candy synth riffs that truly makes the song stand out from its contenders in the dubstep world.

We have the privilege of being able to premiere “Make Me,” which you can listen to below. If you happen to have a really keen ear, you might even be able to spot some reasons as to why Said is one of Teminite’s favorite up-and-comers. Listen: