The ending to Porter Robinson’s 2014 album Worlds, “Goodbye to a World,” is still one of the most iconic endings to a dance music album in the past decade. It encapsulates everything beautiful about the album and stamps a brilliant end to it all.

In one of the more unexpected revelations of the day, it seems that Mariah Carey has sampled the entire instrumental of the song for her own new single “GTFO.” Adding a few drum beats here and there, as well as her own lyrics, the original song is still entirely recognizable but the song as a whole is vastly different.

It almost feels like a terrible mashup, in the way that Carey sings over a song so beloved to dance music fans. On the other hand, the vibe is very close to that of ’90s R&B and so it’s a throwback at the same time.

Fans will no doubt have mixed reactions to this new song – what do you think?


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