Dillon Francis hasn’t had the easiest time releasing his new album WUT WUT, produced with 95% artists from Latin countries and sporting a predominantly Spanish flair. It’s alienated a large portion of his original fanbase that he cultivated with songs like “Bruk Bruk,” “Masta Blasta,” and “Get Low.” But in exchange, he’s been nominated for two awards at the Latin Grammys and gained exposure with an incredibly massive new fanbase. Despite the challenges presented by WUT WUT, Dillon Francis is stronger than ever.

Fans will have already heard a number of singles from the album, including the addictive “Sexo” and “Look At That Butt.” The 11-track remix is entirely in Spanish aside from the opening track “White Boi” with Lao Ra, which serves as a thematic introduction to the remainder of the album.

The rest of the album continues in a language that a majority of Dillon’s largest fanbase won’t understand, which isn’t necessarily Dillon’s fault, per se, but it no doubt poses a challenge to his listeners’ ability to engage with the material. I say this as a huge fan of KPop and JRock back in the day (thank you, anime), but then again, I never listened to those bands’ English songs for years beforehand only for them to suddenly start singing in another language.

All that being said, Dillon’s trademark production is noticeably on every song. And though this is an album entirely of collaborations, it still belongs to Dillon at the end of the day, so we’d expect nothing less.

Check out WUT WUT below!


Photo via Rukes.com