Rezz never ceases to amaze, and consistently intrigues with her otherworldly productions. Although she just recently put out her sophomore album Certain Kind of Magic, she’s keeping ’em coming with some fresh new unreleased fire.

Her latest show in Seattle saw a particular ID that had the crowd awestruck. Packed with heavy, glitchy goodness  — it’s definitely one to go hard to, as heard and visualized in the video below. Shoutout J_clouch for capturing such a killer moment, because it almost feels like we were there.

According to an attendee, Rezz played 2 or 3 total unreleased tracks within the last 30 minutes of her set. This is just one of the upcoming productions we have to look forward to. Hopefully this ID gets a release sooner than later.

Speaking of IDs, that Rezzmau5 collab has us high key drooling — and we’ve only heard the intro. In a tweet, Rezz revealed deadmau5’s song “Superliminal” changed her perspective on music and “how intensely you can feel rhythms and noises.” Together, there’s no telling how crazy their collab will sound. Listen to the work in progress here.

Rezz – ID

Rezz in Seattle at WaMu 👽🖖 from aves


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