After a bit of a golden era, riddim has come to the point that it’s becoming wildly oversatured. This has had some wide reaching effects, both good and bad. The bad, obviously, is that the oversaturation is making most riddim tracks sound terribly repetitive and monotonous. The good is that producers are now forced to expand their horizons and play with the boundaries of riddim if they want to get noticed.

SLIMEZ and Hami just put out “Tough Guys” on Play Me Records, and they played with those borders a few times within just the one track. In terms of sound design and arrangement, nothing is spectacularly catching. But the constant switch ups within the track make for a wildly interesting and, more importantly, engaging tune. If I never know where it’s going to go next, there’s no way I’d turn it off!

“Tough Guys” is out now – stream and download it here.