Indie R&B artist Jareth seems to be on the radar of drum and bass heavy hitters and vice versa with her most recent album Moonchild. Having already scored remixes by Chris Lake, Hybrid Minds and now Rene LaVice, once one listens to Jareth’s work and especially Moonchild, it’s easy to see why it’s highly remixable.

LaVice’s remix is for the track “Rings of Saturn” off Moonchild, and with its half-tempo, trip hop-inspired beat and cool, drawn out vocal composition it seems like an obvious choice. Where he goes with it, however, it not at all obvious. LaVice takes the relatively drawn out and emotive structure of “Rings of Saturn” and turns it on its head, creating a danceable melody and tempo but with some very hard-edged beats. If you know Jareth, this remix seems completely unexpected and if you know LaVice, it still seems quite different from his usual style.

To highlight “Rings of Saturn” and the art of the remix, Your EDM asked Rene LaVice for a playlist that highlights some of his favorite remixes, both that he’s done and by other artists. He also threw some fun wildcards in there because he is, after all, DnB’s current and future fun ambassador.

The Prodigy – Voodoo People

This track with set the club on fire every single time it’s dropped without fail. Use with caution.

DJ Fresh & Diplo – Bang Bang (René LaVice Remix)

Every time I drop into this tune I see everyone on the dance floor start to smile! I don’t know what it is about it that does that, but it’s big and uplifting, it’s a badass sounding song about love with big energy. Just the sort of vibe I want to bring. Respect to Fresh & Diplo for allowing me to put my spin on their genre defying masterpiece!

Mampi Swift – The One (Insideinfo Remix)

WHAT. A. TUNE. Bad boys and rude gyals salute, this tune always goes off. Few people could take such an iconic and genre defining classic and make it EVEN SICKER! Bassline woah!

Black Sun Empire – Caterpillar (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Remix)

Goosebumps and hairs standing on end every time this intro comes in. I swear I get even more amped up than the crowd does for this one (laughs)! That lyric is so raw and visceral, it completely consumes the audience and in that moment they’re in the palm of your hand. Little to they know the drop peeking just around the corner of the build up is about to blast off like a rocket ship. Fire away!

Usher – Climax (René LaVice Remix)

I mean… it’s Usher. Bring spare panties. Nuff said.

Rene LaVice’s remix of Jareth’s “Rings of Saturn” is out now and can be purchased or streamed on multiple platforms by clicking here.