ESKEI83 is releasing his brand new single ‘Make The Record Skip’ today, and we have the premiere of this wicked sound. The German artist is a DJ battle champion, and is about to blend production and DJing for a series titled #MakeTheRekordSkip.

This track pulls together scratching and mixing elements alongside its edgy bass drops and crisp drum programming. ESKEI83 says of this exciting new project: The new single is a hybrid of heavy bass music that will work for all bass heads all over the world, but also impress #RealDJing fans because it has scratches in it (that will be performed live on my shows) and also features old school record sounds – the prominent noise/sound in the drop is a needle skipping and scratching over a vinyl record. The idea behind this track is to go so hard with the crowd that the needle skips on my turntable.”

Take a listen to our premiere here and pick up ‘Make The Record Skip’ here.