Young people are taking stronger, purer forms of party drugs than ever before, according to a new report. Ecstasy in particular is the go-to for cutting loose, but it doesn’t come without potential dangers.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) just put out its report on Australian drug trends. It reveals the percentage of people using ecstasy crystals and capsules has hit record levels, especially among young adults.

According to research, ecstasy crystals and capsules tend to be stronger than ecstasy pills. Although pill form is still the most popular, it’s on a steady decline. Overall, popularity of capsules jumped from 19 percent to 72 percent since 2008

“Use of higher-purity stimulants can increase the risk of experiencing acute and long-term negative health effects,” research lead Dr. Peacock explains.

“Acute effects may include dehydration, increased or irregular heart rate, agitation, headaches, and seizures. Use over long periods of time without sleep or in combination with other substances can increase the risk of these types of effects.”

The “overwhelming majority” of users were combining ecstasy and other stimulants with a “cocktail of other drugs,” including marijuana, ketamine and LSD.

It’s important to note, the study relied on the participants to describe the substances. No drugs were tested and no purity levels were verified.


Source: The New Daily