Kanye West returned to social media earlier this year — and just like that he’s gone again. The artist who prefers to be called Ye has conveniently dipped out in the wake of controversy.

Sure, a lot of Ye’s fame is centered around controversy, but there has been an excess lately. Recently he came under fire for his political views after giving a pro-Trump speech off-camera at SNL. He later uploaded a photo wearing hisΒ MAGA hat which provoked other celebrities including Lana Del Rey to speak out against him.

Not only that, he said the 13th amendment of the Constitution should be “abolished.” Later, he clarified he meant to write “amend.”

On top of it all, that YHANDI album he promised was never officially released and pushed back until Black Friday. His wifey Kim Kardashian says it’s worth the wait. Now that he’s off social media, she may have to speak on his behalf even more often.

Of course, we don’t know the real reason why he has logged off, but all of this attention he has brought on himself has to be quite overwhelming.

Kanye West Pro-Trump Speech On SNL