Rumors earlier this week that Martin Garrix could be releasing another EP during ADE seem to have been confirmed or at least supported by recent tweets from trusted source The Martin Garrix Hub. Nearly a week ago, the account tweeted out, “one of our biggest dreams is coming true this month, so y’all better get ready to cry.”

Since then they’ve only continued to tease more and more, leaving fans to their own imagination. A new website from Martin Garrix certainly suggests something is on the horizon. But a new tweet today from the Hub suggests that five new tracks are coming.

Using the same static plus symbol found on the website, the gif transitions into five distinct static boxes, roughly the shape of, oh, I don’t know… track art? An earlier tweet from the Hub with multiple “hi five” emojis reinforces the idea of “five” having something to do with Garrix’s announcement.

Now, with two days to go until festivities in Amsterdam begin, the Martin Garrix website has been updated to reveal track art at the top-most square of the ‘plus’ symbol. A countdown now appears on it with a blurred image, ending Sunday, October 14 at 3pm PST.

Tune in on Sunday to see what all the fuss is about!