Mega collaboration “First Time” between Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin featuring Dylan Matthew is “officially” out today, and fans are already going crazy for it.

Seven Lions and SLANDER are already stars in their own respective rights, and Dabin is quickly rising, preparing to release his second album later this year. Dylan Matthew, as well, is no stranger to dance music, having previously collaborated with Rome In Silver and Gammer.

Their song “First Time” takes elements from each artist and, rather than putting them in a metaphorical blender á la a smoothie, it’s more like each ingredient has been whipped up and mixed carefully and then baked, like a decadent dessert. The beautiful melody, the euphoric vocals, all of the recognizable Seven Lions synths and licks from Dabin on guitar, SLANDER’s own version of heaven trap… it’s all beautifully there and insanely delicious.

Listen to “First Time” below!


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