Synymata has been attached to many interesting releases over the last year. His first single “Frost” with Miss Mary was significant in production quality and the vocal performance absolutely contributed to the huge track. Aligned with the sound of bigger artists like Illenium and K?d, this fresh artist is no stranger to the melodic bass lane in which he dwells. Upbeat and bright melodic elements bring Synymata’s new single “Legends” to its highest potential.

This artist has been taking the mask concept to new heights by designing a mask that swaps between a purple and orange face. Intertwined with his release “Petrify,” he posted several photos and videos expressing the purple character as an axe murderer in a dark tunnel. For “Legends” with Aloma Steele, he has completely flipped the vibe by attaching content of the orange character walking through a prairie field, with the sun on the horizon.

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