Early this year What So Not unleashed his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things and with that came his long-awaited collaboration with Skrillex. For a stretch of time, the only way to hear “GOH” was to catch a live set. As of late, however, the crowd-pleasing track is sounding quite different.

Behold, the brand new and totally insane DnB version of “GOH,” as played out What So Not recently. Sharp, striking drums and room-shaking rhythm hype the track up to extreme, as the most recognizable elements of “GOH” take on new form. It’s a show-stopping production through and through.

Fans have immediately speculated this to be a VIP or remix of the already untamed track. Just a scroll into the comments on r/Skrillex and Signal has revealed it’s actually his take on this monstrous release.

“Hey guys!” he exclaimed, popping into the comment section. “This is the second drop of my official remix of Goh (first drop is halftime/trap) 🙂 Thanks for the nice comments!”

The way he got his hands on the stems is actually pretty funny, too.

“When my management first told me I could choose a track to remix I jokingly told them, ‘Get me that Skrillex one.’ Didn’t expect everyone involved to actually give me that chance.”

Listen to the banger below and revisit What So Not’s entire debut album here.

GOH (Signal Remix)

Goh VIP (or remix…Noisia?) from skrillex


Photo via Rukes.com