While Your EDM loves Noisia and their family of labels (Vision, Invisible and Division), the Ukranian neurofunk juggernaut and Noisia Radio favorite known as Nickbee has been criminally under-reported in the U.S.. As far as we’re concerned. While Nickbee has released a huge number of singles both solo and as part of compilations this year on labels like Axon and Vandal, he’s returned to Invisible for his first solo EP on the Invisible imprint since 2016.

As its title denotes, Arkaim I is the first in a three-part series which is very good news for neuro and hard drum and bass fans because we truly all need Nickbee’s unique mashup of OG neurofunk beats and pitch perfect, innovative sound design in our lives. The EP drops today but as of this article being published, Your EDM is the only place to get a full track preview of this neuro madness in the form of the single “Out of Universe.” We also have the buy link, so listen and scroll, neuro nuts. Listen and scroll.

One of the things that really stands out on Nickbee’s sophomore Invisible EP is, interestingly, the melodies. That’s not a common thing in the neurofunk world. “Out of Universe” is a great example, and it’s also unique among the other tracks on the EP. With a bit of a rolling beat which mirrors early, neurofunk, it also has a double bassline which both runs with the drums and picks up the synth melody, harmonizing with it. It’s extremely complex and plays like a composed score, with the tight-as-its-own-drums sound design comprising the cherry on top.

There definitely seems to be a musical theme throughout Arkaim I, with a heavy focus on the interplay between beat, bassline and melody as well as a sort of depth and ambient-style sound design not often seen in neurofunk nowadays. It’s a wonderful marriage and an interesting study in how different types of music can go together and by doing so, reinvent themselves. Leave it to Nickbee to get us thinking on such deep levels with tracks that are also dancefloor-friendly. Surely even more awaits with the second and third installments. Stay tuned.

Arkaim I is out today on Invisible Recordings. Click here for stream and purchase options on multiple platforms.