It’s been a little bit since we’ve last gotten Calvin Harris’s production on a track that wasn’t his own, John Newman’s “Olé” in 2016. But Harris’s track record proves that when he gets in the studio, no matter if it’s his own song or someone else’s, sparks fly.

Out last Friday, Calvin lent his talents to Donae’o’s “Chalice” with Belly. The production is smooth and rhythmic, allowing Donae’o’s and Belly’s voices to carry the bulk of the effort on the track. However, it’s at about a third of the way through the track when the piano comes in that Harris truly shows why he’s worth the money.

While this hip hop track could have easily been one dimensional with a simple beat and drums, that 17-second injection of melody and piano makes all the difference.

Calvin Harris’s ability to bring that sharp, intuitive depth into an otherwise repetitive and ho-hum tune is simply unparalleled, and whereas this track could have been a one-and-done listener, I find myself absolutely addicted to it. Check out “Chalice” by Donae’o featuring Belly, produced by Calvin Harris, below.