If you showed any of our other writers this track and then told them that I was the one who wrote it up, they’d probably all say the same thing, “Wait, Matt did that??” And that’s fair, my tastes generally lean toward heavier bass, but after a couple listens, “Falling In Love” by Klahr just… clicked.

When the song was brought to my attention, the name Axtone was dropped a number of times. This created a preconception in my mind that I was supposed to be listening to some sort of main stage progressive house number. Color me underwhelmed when I hit play and heard this. But something told me to give it another shot and listen with an open mind. And I’m glad I did.

What I found the second time wasn’t a lack of anything, but the presence of so much more. Listening to it purely as a song seems like such a simple concept, but so often, we listen to music with preconceptions that paint our interpretations of the art we consume. Now that I wasn’t waiting for the four-on-the-floor beat and super saw synths, I was able to pick up on the delicately swirling melody, the bass guitar notes, each hit of the hi-hat, and the journey behind the music.

It’s not something I foresee myself craving to listen to on a random night, but right now in this moment, I’m loving it. Listen to “Falling In Love” below.