After dropping “Breach (Walk Alone)” with Blinders yesterday, Martin Garrix is back with the second single of this week, “Yottabyte.” This is another ID that has been long-awaited by fans, and it should be immediately recognizable to anyone who’s been to one of his sets in at least the past year.

While we correctly assumed yesterday that we’d be getting music videos for each track, what we didn’t know is that they’d be connected! The same main character in “Breach” makes an appearance in the video for “Yottabyte,” though he doesn’t have much of an active role. Whereas he was interacting with people trapped in a VR drug-induced nightmare before, he’s now watching dozens of people’s lives through a series of screens in a warehouse.

Watch the video for “Yottabyte” below.

It should also be noted these songs are being released at around midnight in Amsterdam time, so the third track of the week, “Latency” with Dyro, is also already available!

This is another long-awaited ID and one of Garrix’s fan favorites. The bassline is absolutely addicting and is a smash hit on the main stage with heavy super saw synths a pounding four on the floor beat. Our protagonist returns for a third time, seemingly hidden within the personalities of a dozen or so different individuals as they traverse an unidentified European town.

In other news, Martin’s EP is now officially entitled By Law. With “Breach,” “Yottabyte,” and “Latency” out now, we can expect “Acces” tomorrow and, finally, “Waiting For Tomorrow” on Thursday.


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