We’ve all seen the types of “Chads” at EDM shows who are muscled out and wear tank tops that are two sizes two small hitting on women and drinking vodka red bulls through those thin straws. Their shirts generally have some type of stereotypical raver phrase like “I <3 MOLLY” or “WHERE THE THOTS AT?”

While there’s no indication that this person was at Printworks London this past weekend, it’s certainly the kind of person that this story paints a picture of…

A statement from Printworks yesterday explains that Sunday’s Solid Grooves event was cut short “after an internal pipe was damaged, causing water to come into the venue.” According to witness reports, the reason for the damage to the pipe was because someone was allegedly attempting to do chin ups on it.

I think we can all safely say that we’ve seen a pipe overhead and thought about doing a few reps, but it seems this person got the short end of the stick.

Read Printworks’ statement and watch a video of the crowd being ushered out while water begins to flood the venue below.

Oh dear printworks

Posted by Joseph Cartwright on Sunday, October 14, 2018


Photo via Jukely