Super Duper’s new song “Horizons” is not your typical dance song. It starts off in quite a strange way with a rising, ambient tone and a vocal chop that sounds entirely out of place. However, as the bassline and melody begin to coalesce, the song begins to come together like puzzle pieces fitting together into a wonderful mosaic.

“Horizons” doesn’t have a drop as much as it has crescendos in energy and constantly evolving musical additions. Little synths, new instruments here and there are continuously added and subtracted, giving the track a wild degree of diversity and versatility. Of “Horizons,” Super Duper says:

“Horizons is the result of care-free, late night experimentation. I didn’t have any goals or references in mind when I started creating it. Just sampled some vocals from a fellow Nashville songwriter I work with and started building the chords around it pretty quickly. Sometimes songs can really lead the way as you write and you’re just along for the ride and that was one of those times. The majority of the song was done that night and hasn’t changed that much since. I’ve been writing lots of new songs over the past year and this song is definitely one I still listen to on repeat, which is really rare for me!”

Listen below!