Prismo has had a great 2018 so far with some fine hits like “First Time,” “Energy,” and “Solo.” Before the year is up, he’s following it up with one last single “Blame,” the perfect cherry on top of a sweet year.

“Blame” is a slow and sensual track, leaning heavily on the vocals in the track, but also exploding with energy in the drops. The brilliantly melodic synths and harmonious bassline do well to keep the vibe right and feet moving, all while still keeping the content of the song sincere.

Prismo says of the track, “‘Blame’ is about caring for someone so deeply that you wish you could take the burden of their guilt and pain. It hurts to see the people that I love suffer, and sometimes I just wish I could suffer for them. I want the blame and the burden to fall on me.”

Listen to “Blame” below and grab it here if you dig it.