Overall, ADE has been an awesome experience for Martin Garrix and his massive following. With two shows scheduled and five brand new singles out, as well as a new photo book, it’s a week to remember. However, last night¬†apparently an incident went down during his set that the crowd undoubtedly wishes they could forget.

According to Redditors¬†and many on Twitter, someone allegedly unleashed some sort of gas onto the crowd. Some say this is a common practice for pickpocketing, as a method to distract. “Some people threw tear gas and pepper spray into the audience and it got a lot of people sick,” one comment reads. “It scared Martin as well.”

Martin Garrix just released a statement following the unfortunate incident. Here’s how it translates…

I was shocked by the incident last night and I find it incomprehensible that there are people who do this kind of thing. The team is committed to ensuring the safety of all visitors. Last night was one of the most special performances I’ve ever done and I’m really looking forward to this one more time this afternoon.

Let’s hope nothing like this happens tonight during round two. Everyone stay safe out there.

Statement From Martin Garrix


Photo via Rukes.com