Getting tickets to upcoming shows has never been easier. All thanks to YouTube, which has partnered with ticketing website Eventbrite to make purchasing tickets an absolute breeze.

Over 1 billion music fans per month flock to YouTube to hear music from their favorite artists. It only makes sense that a ticket link would be just a click, or a thumb tap away. Now, it is. Fans can seamlessly go from experiencing music online to seeing live performances in person with YouTube’s latest feature.

According to a presser straight from the source, “YouTube now covers more than 70% of the US ticketing market.” The streaming giant promises to “continue to add new artists and venues of all sizes to our list in North America as well as expand globally.”

With this, YouTube reveals its mission to bring artists and fans together in more ways than just music video discovery. This intuitive live show connection is a huge kickoff point.

Seriously, look how simple this is…

YouTube x Eventbrite


Learn more via YouTube’s official blog