Steve Aoki just made music history in becoming the first EDM artist to be featured in the iconic Smithsonian Museum. His very own used pair of CDJs and a mixer are on display in the newly renovated Ray Dolby Gateway to American Culture wing.

This section of the museum showcases eight installations centered around entertainment — sound, stadium and screen. According to a release, this specific acquisition is part of an “important narrative the museum is assembling through research and collections illustrating the evolution of turntable and DJ technology.”

His gear joins that of greats before him, DJ Bob Casey and Grandmaster Flash, bringing the Smithsonian’s display of DJ equipment into the current era. Unlike many DJs and turntablists before him, Steve Aoki is the first DJ to be featured with a digital system.

His showmanship on the stage has undoubtedly garnered some massive attention and off it he must have put in countless hours on these pieces of equipment. Which is exactly why we see Aoki’s equipment on display at the Smithsonian, signature jump and all.

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Steve Aoki @ The Smithsonian Museum


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