Duke & Jones are one of the hottest rising acts in bass music this year, and they’ve just released their debut EP with another powerhouse of bass music, Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats. The pairing makes perfect sense as Dystopia pushes such a wide variety of sounds from warbling bass to crackling synths. Fans should already be familiar with “Fade To Black” and “Rust,” the latter of which has been played out by none other than Zedd for months now. The newer tracks to the EP will be “Nobody Else” and “Higher” with KAKU.

“Nobody Else” features a minimalistic production with a repetitive vocal sample that encourages the mind to wander. It’s far more for the vibe than for the turn up, but that’s definitely a good thing after the heavier “Rust” just before it. Rounding off the EP is “Higher,” another minimalist track among its brethren.

The entire EP seems to be an exercise in minimalism and atonal music, eschewing melody and rhythm for repetition and vibe and simple sounds. As an experimental release, it’s phenomenal, though perhaps not something that would be rinsed out except by artists equally as experimental.

Dystopia is out via Deadbeats now – listen below.