Snails and Boogie T aren’t exactly a pairing we expected. Despite both of them being firmly placed within the “bass music” genre, their styles are admittedly different. That being said, their new collaboration “Redline” is a feverous combination.

The track starts off with an almost reggae vibe that is only accentuated by Boogie’s own vocals. It almost sounds like classic Flux Pavilion, á la “Excuse Me.” But the song is suddenly thrust into the modern day when the drop hits, which almost sounds like Snails’ characteristic vomitstep sound, just smoothed out, without the LFO.

Whatever that bass synth is in the drop also doubles as particularly eerie, as it sounds like a monster wailing in the night – perfect for dropping a week before Halloween.

And what would a Boogie T collaboration be without some choice guitar licks in the breakdown?

Check out their new collaboration “Redline” below, out now via Snails’ own Slugz Music imprint.


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