Marshmello has become one of dance music’s greatest chameleons, teaming up with a wider variety of collaborators than we reasonably recommend. Putting out hits with Migos, Selena Gomez, Lil Peep, Bastille, Anne-Marie, Amr Diab, Logic, Khalid and more has earned him a place as one of the more prolific producers of 2018, and he’s not stopping yet.

This past weekend, while many of us were distracted by the Top 100 DJs announcement, Marshmello was announcing his next collaboration with Tyga and Chris Brown.

Tyga and Chris Brown have worked together in the past, and both have worked with electronic producers, as well, but this mark the first time that either of them have worked directly with Marshmello.

We’ll have more information on the collaboration as it becomes available!


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