If you watched Swedish House Mafia’s reunion performance at Ultra Miami via live stream, then you probably remember the select camera angle that was chosen. If not, you can still watch an unofficial upload of the set here.

While most fans were overjoyed that Swedish House Mafia was performing at all, some others were beyond disappointed with the vantage point. With the shot being so far back and stagnant, it was admittedly difficult to see all the on-stage happenings. Disgruntled viewers expressed their concerns on social media.

Now, we know there was a reason behind it all. During SHM’s recent press conference, Axwell revealed that they were well aware that the camera angle came across as disappointing. He said that was intentional — to “save something for later.”

Interesting. As the trio ramps up for their expected world tour, we’re hanging on the edge of our seats. What have they been hiding up their sleeves? Soon enough, we’ll know.

Swedish House Mafia recently announced a Stockholm show. There’s another countdown on the group’s official website ending 10/27/2018, 6 AM EST.

Swedish House Mafia Press Conference


Photo via Liam Andes for Your EDM